Does GripGo Live Up To The Advertising?

by Graham on May 16, 2013

Grip GoMany of us rely on our cellphones while we’re in the car, either for directions or to play music using a streaming service. But it’s important to make sure your phone use while driving is safe. Reaching for your cellphone while you’re driving can be extremely dangerous, since you shouldn’t take your eyes off the road for even a second. Enter GripGo, a hands-free phone mount that sticks securely to your dashboard, allowing you to glance briefly at your phone while driving without taking your eyes off the road.

How Does GripGo Work?

Using a unique polymer, GripGo sticks securely to your dashboard, but leaves no sticky residue behind. The attachable suction cup is easy to use, and works over and over again without losing its power. Best of all, you can use it with any model cellphone you own—even tablets! This means that your passengers can also use GripGo to read, watch a movie, or surf the Internet while you drive.


How Do I Mount GripGo in My Car?

If you’re placing GripGo on the windshield, first make sure the glass is clean and dry. Then, firmly affix the suction cup to the window and move the attached lever so that it locks. To adjust the angle of the i-beam (the arm that holds your phone in place), loosen it with the dial at the bottom of the mount, then tighten it again when it’s in the desired location.

To place GripGo on the windshield, use the dashboard mount. First, find a safe, flat location on the dashboard. Wipe it with a clean cloth to remove any dust. Then, remove the backing from the dashboard mount and stick it firmly to your chosen spot. Position the suction cup over the center of the disk, then press it securely in place.

How Do I Attach My Mobile Device to GripGo?

The first time you use GripGo, start by removing the protective film from the pad. Next, test the stickiness of the pad by pressing your device firmly onto the pad and then immediately removing it. If it is too difficult to remove, you can take some of the stickiness off the pad by pressing a clean cloth to the pad until the desired stickiness is reached. Then firmly press your mobile device onto the pad.

Keep in mind that GripGo will not stick to leather or silicone, so if you have a cover on your phone made of these materials, you will need to remove it before using GripGo. You should also wipe dust from your device with a clean cloth before attaching it to the mount. In addition, make sure you clean the GripGo pad before each use; if there is dirt or dust on the pad, it will not grip your phone properly.

How Do I Remove My Mobile Device from GripGo?

If you have two hands free to remove your device, firmly grip the GripGo cradle with one hand, then use the other hand to hold your phone from behind and gently peel it from the pad. You can also remove it using just one hand. Wrap your hand around the phone and use your thumb to loosen it, then peel it off the adhesive surface from one side to the other.

How Do I Clean GripGo?

First, make sure both your mobile device and the cradle are detached from the GripGo arm. Then, run the pad under warm water. If necessary, you can gently rub the pad with mild soap to remove any stubborn dirt that has accumulated. Never use harsh cleansers, which can damage GripGo. Before using it again after cleaning, let the pad air-dry completely.

What Do I Get if I Order GripGo?

For the low price of $14.95, you’ll receive two GripGo hands-free mounts, two dashboard mounts, and a special gift—two GoJo hands-free headsets. Not only that, your GripGo purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means if you want to return it at any time, for any reason, you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked. With that type of guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

Distracted driving is a cause of an increasing number of traffic accidents, many of which cause grave injuries and even fatalities. With your mount, you can monitor traffic, your route, and other important factors for long or short trips. And with two mounts with your order, your passenger can use GripGo for entertainment as well as for practical uses.

Whether you have a long commute or you’re planning a family road trip, GripGo is the perfect solution to improve your drive for the better and help ensure your family’s safety while you’re on the road.

You can order GripGo from the product’s safe official website, and find all the latest offers. Become a safer driver and keep track of everything you need to know when on the road.



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